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Sumnicht & Associates’ team of experienced professional wealth managers are pleased to present a wide range of private educational seminars. These online seminars run approximately thirty minutes and are educational presentations and an introduction to our firm. Please call our office to arrange a seminar time that is convenient to your schedule.

1.  Evolution of Multi-Family offices and wealth management services

This is an overview on the history of the family wealth office concept and how it has evolved over the years to better serve the increasing needs of their multi-family member clients. This presentation concludes with a look at the current family wealth management services provided by Sumnicht & Associates to our clients throughout the United States.  
(Allow 30 minutes)

2. Optimizing risk adjusted returns through the utilization of Alternative Investments

This is an overview on what an alternative investment is and how they can be utilized by accredited investors to provide their portfolios with better risk adjusted returns and lower volatility. This concludes with a discussion on how you can properly utilize various alternative investments to complement your existing traditional stock and bond portfolios.  (Allow 30 minutes)

3. An overview of the Yale Endowment investment philosophy and growth

This is an overview on the Investment Policy of the Yale Endowment and how over the past 10 years the endowment has generated 17.8% annual returns and has been rated in the top 1% of its peer group. This presentation concludes with the reasons why your family should be utilizing the Yale Endowment investment philosophy in your family’s wealth management.   (Allow 30 minutes)

4. Establishing a cost effective Family Foundation

Philanthropy is an important aspect of family legacy planning. We will overview several foundation options on how a family can establish a low-cost private family foundation to serve the long-term needs of their charitable bequests. This presentation concludes with a discussion on your specific desires and long-term philanthropic needs. (Allow 30 minutes)

5. The future of investing….

This is an overview of how the utilization of leveraged algorithms and lower correlated ETFs can enhance modern portfolio theory (MPT) by regularly and objectively optimizing asset allocation decisions as the investment environment dynamically changes.  This presentation concludes with a discussion on how this strategy will benefit your portfolio by reducing your emotional decisions, improving your short-term risk management and increasing your long-term returns. (Allow 30 minutes)



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